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I enjoy working to help people to develop and improve sustainable businesses that have positive social impacts

Land of the Dragon

Land of the Dragon: Druk Air the national airline, Druk beer (as stated on the bottle “1100 super strong”) the national beer. Druk means “thunder dragon” in Bhutanese. Bhutan is changing quickly. Until the 1950’s there was no formal education … Continue reading

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I gave it my heart but it wanted my soul

Your work/business will take your soul, if you let it.  Whether you are an employer or an employee, there are a lot of parallels in our work to our personal relationships. We all know that for relationships, one of the … Continue reading

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You’d Better Start Swimming or You’ll Sink Like a Stone……

Competition, sometimes it helps us to improve our businesses and sometimes it paralyzes us. What got me to thinking about competition was my drive back to Bangalore from Mysore this weekend. In the space of 5 minutes on the highway … Continue reading

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It’s either fortune or fame

I have had a few interesting conversations in the past week about business models.  For Profit vs Not For Profit models. I have been involved in both over my career and I think with some notable exceptions that some of … Continue reading

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Using Ideas as My Maps

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Navigating the Gray Area of Social Enterprise

We have all seen the definitions of social enterprise, they are all basically variants of “an enterprise that creates social benefit” could be for profit or it could be a non profit.   After that general definition, though the clarity stops. … Continue reading

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Growing up in the Chicago area I received  my B. S.  in Applied Plant Science from Northern Arizona University  in 1976 and then my M.B.A. at the University of Arizona  in 1979.  I went on to work for 8 years … Continue reading

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